New product releases from Orkla

The new product ranges Bare Bra from TORO and Småsulten snacks are just some of the many Norwegian innovations Orkla will be launching in February.


Bare Bra from TORO is a range of healthy food products that taste good. The first to be rolled out will be Supergranola and Supermüsli breakfast cereals, Supergrøt porridge and Superris rice. The Småsulten snack assortment can tempt Norwegian consumers with the market’s healthiest nut bars and portion-sized packages of popcorn in three different flavours.

More of what’s good

“The Bare Bra range offers a number of good breakfast cereals, porridges and flavourful dinner condiments. The products are made without any sugar and using only natural ingredients, and are a good response to the trends we saw in our diet survey, the Orkla Food Barometer,” relates Arve Heltne, Senior Vice President, Orkla Marketing & Innovation.

Through its new Småsulten (A Little Hungry) brand, Orkla is promoting healthier snacking:

“With its tasty nut bars made with a little dark chocolate and berries, nut mixes and small bags of popcorn, Småsulten offers healthier alternatives for consumers on the move who need a boost of energy,” Arve Heltne says.

The new food products include Idun Mors Hjemmebakte Surdeig med Fullkornshvete (wholewheat sourdough bread mix), two new baking mixes from TORO and SaritaS Nanbrød (naan bread) spiced with coriander and garlic. The favourite everyday pizzas from Grandiosa, BigOne and Pizzabakeriet will be available in new flavours. On biscuit shelves, Kornmo will be tempting shoppers with Fullkornscookies made with 50% whole grains, while this year’s FUN Light flavours are raspberry and pomegranate.

Healthier popular favourites

Orkla is committed to developing products that contain less salt, sugar and saturated fat. Examples of such products are Nora Syltetøy jams with no added sugar, which are fresh-tasting jams made with no less than 80% berries, and Idun Tomatketchup with less sugar. The new Stabburet Picnic tinned ham is less salty and tastes better, and is now labelled with the Keyhole healthier choice symbol. TORO, Idun, Nora and Vestlandslefse products will be introduced in smaller portions and smaller volume units.

“We have also made changes in Nutrilett products, which generally now contain less sugar, fewer calories and more natural ingredients. Maxim will be unveiling new protein and energy bars,” Arve Heltne says.

“Free from” products

Bliw will present a Swan eco-labelled range of soaps with ingredients found in Scandinavian nature. The popular Lano brand is now launching a perfume-free hand soap and shower soap specially formulated for sensitive skin. The colorant-free, perfume-free laundry detergent Blenda Sensitiv is to be relaunched in a new type of packaging that is also good news for the environment. 

“Pierre Robert will be launching brand-new, innovative products and relaunching its bestsellers with clear product improvements,” Arve Heltne adds in conclusion.