New products from Orkla

Plant-based ice cream, Nordic Swan eco-labelled toothpaste, tasty vegetarian foods and new varieties of pizza are just some of the new products offered this spring by the Orkla companies.


Orkla launches May 2018

A multitude of new products are now on their way to store shelves:

“We are now launching vegetarian foods from Anamma and Naturli’ in several new markets, and Danish consumers will be able to enjoy Naturli’ plant-based ice cream in cups,” announces Arve Heltne, Senior Vice President Orkla Marketing & Innovation.

“Solidox is introducing Norway’s first Nordic Swan eco-labelled toothpaste for children, while Define can now offer its most popular hair sprays and dry shampoos in travel-size versions.”

Other seasonal innovations that Heltne highlights include Pierre Robert Light Sport, a new sportswear collection especially developed for low-intensity workouts and Pierre Robert swimsuits for active children. The popular Riemann P20 sunscreen is now also being launched in Finland.

More good choices

Grandiosa has more good choices to offer, and can tempt pizza lovers with a new variety of Grandiosa Take Away and its brand-new snacking pizza, Grandiosa Calzone. Other Norwegian newcomers are New Energy bars with dark chocolate and palm oil-free Troika chocolate bars. Swedish consumers will be pleased to learn that Frödinge Chokladbollskladdkaka chocolate mud cake will now feature the UTZ-certified label.

“Our Swedish brand, Paulúns, is a hit in a growing number of countries with its natural, healthy and flavourful products. Now we’re also launching Paulúns Knekkebrød crispbread made from root vegetable flour, Paulúns bars and Paulúns Supermüsli in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia,” Heltne reports.

Natural and plant-based

Danish Naturli’ offers a savoury, plant-based “hamburger’’ based on soybeans, and is introducing the time-honoured summer favourite ‘Koldskål’, a cold dessert traditionally made with buttermilk but now offered in a 100% almond-based version.

“Naturli’’s plant-based alternative to minced meat has been well received in the market, and is now also being launched in Sweden, Germany and Australia,” Helte relates. “At the same time we are introducing Swedish Anamma’s range of vegetarian products in new markets, including Lithuania.”

The vegan trend is now making its mark in Slovakia and Hungary, too, where the Orkla company Hamé is launching its mayonnaise and tartar sauces in a vegan alternative containing no eggs. Other new product offerings from Hamé include fish spreads rich in omega-3, with lots of vegetables and no additives, and tuna products currently being launched in Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Healthier popular favourites

The trend towards healthier products can also be seen outside the Nordic region. One example is Adazu and Taffel whole grain snacks with 30% less salt, which we are launching in Latvia and Lithuania,” Arve Heltne says in conclusion.