New spring offerings from Orkla

Grandiosa Nybakt, Stratos with a Litago milkshake filling and Pierre Robert swimwear for children are among the spring season’s new products from Orkla.


Norwegian store shelves are now being filled with a host of new products. Among them are Grandiosa Nybakt, a pizza with a raw crust that rises in the oven as you bake it.

“With Grandiosa Nybakt we are bringing frozen pizza a step closer to both home-made and restaurant pizzas,” declares Arve Heltne, Senior Vice President, Orkla Commercial Excellence.

Two of Norway’s favourite cows are now a happy couple. The outcome of their union is Stratos chocolate tablets and bars with a Litago milkshake filling and a Litago milkshake with a Stratos flavour.

“The launch of Stratos with a Litago milkshake filling is an exciting example of collaboration between two strong brands,” Heltne comments.

More of what’s good

“We are continuing to focus on making everyday favourites healthier with less salt and sugar, and more of the good ingredients. Several of the products we have now launched are a response to consumer demand for more natural products that contain no additives. One example is Nora Rørt (stirred) preserves made from over 80% berries,” relates Heltne.

Maxim Protein Bite is a new sports bar with natural ingredients and a high plant-based protein content. Consumer favourite Sanasol multivitamins is being relaunched with more Vitamin D.

New design favourites

A new collection from the Orkla company Pierre Robert Group is another of the new offerings Helte mentions as noteworthy:
 “Pierre Robert is entering an entirely new category and launching its first collection of swimsuits and swim shorts for children, featuring bold colours and designs,” says Heltne.

In the personal care segment, many of Orkla’s well-known brands are being relaunched in new versions and with a new design. Define, Dr. Greve and Naturelle are good examples of revamped brands.

The new products will be available in stores from the beginning of May.