«New» Stabburet Fredrikstad opened

After 50 years and more than one billion yellow tins, the factory that produces Stabburet Leverpostei liver paté has been totally renovated.


The modernised factory was opened on 19 October by Minister of Agriculture and Food Jon Georg Dale and Orkla President and CEO Peter A. Ruzicka.

In the past couple of years, Orkla has invested over NOK 130 million in the factory in Fredrikstad, where the history of the Stabburet brand begins. This is the biggest investment since the facility was opened 50 years ago, and one of Orkla’s largest investments in recent years.

“We need more good growth companies in agriculture-based industries that can create profitable workplaces. Companies with high growth ambitions help to ensure continued development, sufficient profitability and jobs. We need both those who lead the way with new ideas and those who follow up with the muscles and capacity to take the company to new heights in term of both production and financial results,” says Minister of Agriculture and Food Jon Georg Dale.

Never before have the yellow tins of liver paté from Fredrikstad been a more central component of Norwegians’ diet. Last year, more than 23.5 million tins were sold, the highest number ever.

“We have invested in new technology and a better production flow that will equip us to face our increasingly tough competition,” says Peter A. Ruzicka.

“The event taking place today is therefore also significant for the population in general. Stabburet Leverpostei is an important source of iron, and in line with Orkla’s health strategy we focus consistently on improving the nutritional profile of our liver paté and other products. The most important contribution that Orkla can make to public health is to make popular favourites even healthier,” Mr Ruzicka says.

He adds that the content of salt and saturated fat in Stabburet Leverpostei has been reduced in the past few years. At the same time, the content of iron has been increased, without compromising the paté’s good taste. The product assortment has also been expanded to include a chicken paté containing less fat and a gluten-free version.

Stabburet Fredrikstad is not only an important factory for Orkla, it has played a key role in Norwegian food production since the very start. Every year, more than 7,000 tonnes of Norwegian meat are processed by the factory to produce strong branded consumer goods. In addition to Stabburet Leverpostei, Trondhjems tinned dinners and Picnic tinned hams are produced there. The factory also processes most of the meat used on Grandiosa and Big One pizzas, in addition to producing a substantial number of different meat products sold through the out-of-home channels.

The Stabburet factory at Råbekken has been an institution and a cornerstone company in Fredrikstad from the very outset. Many of the town’s inhabitants have worked at the factory. Several employees have been part of the workforce ever since Stabburet’s founder, Gunnar Nilsen, took part in the day-to-day operations.

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