Nidar first with fair trade cocoa

Now, two years before planned, Nidar is switching to 100 percent certified cocoa. “Nidar is showing the way for Norwegian companies,” says Socialist Left Party Minister Heikki Holmås.


Nidar is among the first chocolate companies in the world that only buys sustainable cocoa. In 2010, Nidar undertook to comply with the international ethical trading scheme, UTZ Certified, and originally intended to achieve the target of 100 percent certified cacao by 2015. Now the target has been reached two years before the stated deadline.
 “We are dedicated to ensuring that the raw materials we use shall be cultivated under decent conditions, and wish to contribute to improving the circumstance of cocoa farmers. Therefore, from 2013 on, we will only purchase certified cocoa,” says CEO at Nidar, Inger Johanne Solhaug.

“We have managed to exceed our aspirations. Certified cocoa is better for the cocoa farmers, who will earn more. This is better for us at Nidar, in that we will have access to higher quality cocoa, and this is better for consumers, who can now purchase branded products grown under decent conditions,” says Solhaug.

The cocoa is certified through UTZ Certified, an ethical trading scheme based on internationally recognised standards. Through UTZ, the cocoa farmers will receive professional agricultural training, which will result in improved quality cocoa and larger crops for sale, thereby boosting earnings and promoting hope for a better future. The scheme helps combat child labour, and will improve the lives of cacao farmers and their families.

Norwegian Minister of International Development Heikki Holmås congratulates Nidar for their initiative.

“The road to development is through good organisation and product improvements. Fair distribution is a crucial thing for me, and ethical trading is an important part of this. The fact that Nidar is the world’s first chocolate company to have UTZ certification for all products is fantastic. It is an inspiration for all companies in Norway,” says the Minister.