Nidar turns 100

Today marks 100 years since the foundation of the Nidar chocolate factory in Trondheim. Since then, Nidar has delighted the people of Norway with a wide range of confectionery pleasures.


“At Nidar, we are proud of our history and what we have accomplished. A 100th anniversary is a very special occasion, which not many experience. It gives us a sense of historical importance, common identity and community,” says Inger Johanne Solhaug, Managing Director of Nidar.

The actual celebration took place in Trondheim on 4 May, with a big party for all Nidar employees and public festivities in the heart of Trondheim.

Since 1912, Nidar has established a solid position on the Norwegian market, and become a favourite for most Norwegians on everyday and festive occasions alike. In 2011, Nidar held a 31.1 per cent market share, and its portfolio comprises several of the best known brands of confectionery, such as Stratos, Smash!, Bergene Melk, Nidar Favoritter, Doc and IFA.

Nidar is also well liked, and scores high marks in opinion surveys on people’s overall impression of the company. In March, Nidar was named Food and Beverage Manufacturer of the Year by the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO). In the grounds for the award, there was focus on Nidar’s environmental activities and its efforts to promote better living standards for cocoa farmers through UTZ CERTIFIED. There was also emphasis on the fact that Nidar is a wholly Norwegian industrial company, and that all product development, production and marketing of the company’s own brands are carried out in Norway.

“In the past 10 years, we have invested NOK 400 million in the Nidar factory in Trondheim, which is a strong indication of our commitment to continued operations in Norway,” Inger Johanne Solhaug points out. “We will further develop and safeguard the legacy of our predecessors, and ensure that we pass Nidar on to our successors in even better shape.”