No. 1 Christmas beverage

Nothing can compare to a cup of hot gløgg on dark December days. And Norwegians drink a great deal of this traditional spiced drink in December.


In total, Norwegians consume close to 10 million glasses of gløgg in December, and Stabburet’s Tomtegløgg is our gløgg of choice. Every year, Norwegians down 1.5 million litres of the ready-mixed beverage, which means almost two cups for every Norwegian. As many as 80 per cent of the Norwegian population drink Tomtegløgg during the advent season.

“When it’s cold and dark outside, we enjoy getting together at home for a glass of hot gløgg. And when we’re with good friends and family, nothing tastes better with gløgg than freshly baked Christmas cookies. Christmas and gløgg go together, and Tomtegløgg is the premier Christmas beverage,” says Product Manager Even Jacobsen..

A gløgg to suit all tastes

Tomtegløgg comes in a variety of flavours: the original version from 1969 in a small or large bottle, an extra spiced version and a pale alternative to be mixed with water, apple juice or white wine. Last year, the Tomtegløgg range was relaunched in new bottles.

“Tomtegløgg has flavours to suit all tastes, but most people choose the original Tomtegløgg, usually serving it with chopped almonds and raisins,” he says.

The history of gløgg

Gløgg is the Scandinavian version of “mulled wine” or “glühwein” – hot, spiced wine. This winter beverage has a long history dating as far back as the early Middle Ages. At that time, the drink was called “Ypocras” eller “Hipocris”, after the Greek physician Hippocrates. In the nineteenth century, glühwein with almonds and raisins became a highly popular beverage in Europe, and is what we today call gløgg.

Arne Bingen, Laboratory Manager at Tomten, helped to develop the Tomtegløgg recipe, which was launched on the market in 1969. After three or four adjustments, he came up with just the right blend. While the 1960s recipe is a well-kept secret, we can reveal that the gløgg contains a combination of a lot of flavourful Christmas spices.