Norwegian Crown Prince visits Stranda

H.R.H. Crown Prince Haakon visited the Grandiosa factory at Stranda in Norway on Thursday, 28 January.


Orkla President and CEO President Peter A. Ruzicka welcomed him to the plant, and Orkla Foods Norge CEO Paul Jordahl presented the history of Grandiosa from 1980 up to the present. In 2015, Orkla’s 200 employees at Stranda produced 34 million pizzas. This production creates significant ripple effects, also for the agricultural sector. The annual volume of cheese used at Stranda is equivalent to milk from 6400 cows and more than 300 farms. Every day, the factory uses 30 tonnes of flour in its production of pizzas, or 14 football fields of grain.

Orkla’s cooks served the Crown Prince Grandiosa pizza, followed by coffee and Vestlandslefse (soft flatbread).

The factory visit was a stop on the Crown Prince’s trip to Stranda, which was officially hosted by Stranda Municipality and the County Governor of Møre and Romsdal. At Stranda the Crown Prince also visited a local trade fair and the Stranda alpine ski centre. The visit to the factory was included at the initiative of the Norwegian Royal Palace.