OMO Aktiv & Sport

Lilleborg is now launching OMO Aktiv & Sport, a detergent specially developed for washing sports and training wear.


This new product has been developed in response to the complaints of many consumers that their training clothing smells bad, even when it has just been washed. The detergent is based on a FiberFRESHTM technology that removes unpleasant odours in clothing and is effective at temperatures of 30°C and higher. 

Lilleborg Product Manager Christine Madsen recommends Omo Aktiv & Sport for both indoor and outdoor training wear such as microfibre garments, all types of skiwear, base layer garments, fleece garments, soft shell clothing, goreTEX/shellwear and all-in-one playsuits. However, Christine emphasises that wool, down and silk garments should still be washed with Milo.

Eliminates unpleasant odour

Lilleborg Product Developer Ingvild Øiesvold Brataas explains that some odours, such as sulphur and nitrogen compounds, which are often found in sweat, can leave permanent traces in synthetic clothing. This is partly because modern, synthetic training wear is often densely woven and provide a more favourable breeding ground for bacteria in the garment, which can in turn generate a bad odour. Furthermore, clothing manufacturers often recommend that such garments be washed at 30°C, which exacerbates the problem. 

“Omo Aktiv & Sport contains enzymes and a zinc-based technology that we have called FiberFRESHtm. It binds sulphur and nitrogen compounds, thereby eliminating unpleasant odour,” explains Ingvild.