Orkla Food Ingredients invests in eco-friendly spread dispenser

Through its subsidiaries Condite Oy and KåKå AB, Orkla Food Ingredients has entered into an agreement with Foodduck Oy to acquire a stake in FD Holding Oy. FD Holding Oy manages the industrial property rights and patents related to the FOODDUCK® spread dispenser. After the completion of the deal, Orkla and Foodduck will both own 50% of FD Holding Oy. 


The FOODDUCK® spread dispenser system is a Finnish innovation launched at the end of 2014 and has raised wide interest in the industry. It is an environmentally friendly, sustainable and hygienic alternative to single serve spreads or large spread packaging for buffets in restaurants and canteens.

”Orkla is a major player in our industry, and this co-operation will strengthen our chances to succeed in international markets. Orkla’s wide selection of products will also give us greater opportunities to offer new kinds of spreads in the FOODDUCK® dispensers,” says Timo Sorsavirta, CEO of Foodduck Oy.

This transaction builds on the co-operation agreement the companies signed in June 2015. According to this agreement, Orkla will produce spreads for the FOODDUCK® dispenser and will also be in charge of imports, sale and distribution of these spreads to the Finnish as well as the international markets.

”The FOODDUCK® dispenser is an interesting and innovative solution for sustainable and hygienic use of spreads at restaurants and canteens. With the access to the FOODDUCK® dispenser, Orkla has taken another step towards more sustainable solutions for our customers,” says Thore Svensson Senior Vice President at Orkla Food Ingredients and CEO of KåKå AB.

The transaction does not influence the ownership or operations of Foodduck Oy, which remains responsible for production, sales and marketing of FOODDUCK® dispensers. Design and manufacturing will continue to take place in Finland.

The parties have jointly agreed not to disclose financial details of the agreement.

More information about the FOODDUCK® dispenser can be found at


About Orkla
Orkla is the leading supplier of branded consumer goods and concept solutions to retail, out-of-home sector and bakeries with its main markets in the Nordics and the Baltics. Orkla is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange and had a group turnover of NOK 30 billion and 13,000 employees in 2014.Orkla Food Ingredients division is mainly focusing on “Business to business” and has sales and distribution companies in 13 countries and production facilities all over Europe. Margarines and melanges are among its top product categories, and Orkla Food Ingredients has seven margarine production facilities in different parts of Europe. Sweden-based KåKå AB and Finland-based Condite Oy are both part of Orkla Food Ingredients.

About Foodduck OyFoodduck Ltd is a Finnish company founded in 2012. It is a pioneer of automated dispensing solutions in restaurant self-service areas and in professional kitchens for fats, fresh cheeses, and other spreads. The FOODDUCK® spread dispenser is one of a kind in the world, and an international patent protection application is in process for the product and the system. In our vision, the FOODDUCK® will be a symbol of a responsible and sustainable service counter for restaurants and canteens.

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Timo Sorsavirta
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COB, FD Holding Oy
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