Orkla Foods Norge – a new Norwegian foods company

On Tuesday, 1 October, Rieber & Søn and Stabburet merged to become Orkla Foods Norge.


The new company will be one of the largest suppliers of branded consumer foods in Norway. Altogether, the company will offer roughly 1300 products.

Generations of Norwegian consumers have grown fond of strong brands such as Stabburet, Toro, Stabbur-makrell, Nora, Vossafår, Denja, Stabburet Leverpostei, Grandiosa, FUN Light, Vestlandslefsa, Gøy and Idun. These brands are a common sight in Norwegian homes and they are inevitably found on the shelves of Norwegian grocery stores.

Each year, consumers make about 500 million decisions in buying situations when they choose a product from Orkla Foods Norge.

“Stabburet and Rieber & Søn have been reliable company names that have inspired great confidence among Norwegian consumers. We will build further on that confidence through familiar brands”, reports Bente Brevik, CEO of Orkla Foods Norge.

The new company will collectively steward the histories of many different brands, for example, Stabburet which was founded in Fredrikstad in 1947 or Toro in Bergen in 1946. Moreover, we will continue to steward the history of Nora, dating back to 1877, Denja to 1916, Idun to 1883 and many more.

“Our goal at Orkla Foods Norge is to become the kitchen for the whole country of Norway. In that kitchen, we will make good food that is adapted to the tastes of consumers in Norway”, continues Brevik.

However, consumers are not just selecting Orkla Foods Norge’s products in the grocery stores. Our branded products are also sold through a large number of other retail outlets such as cafés, petrol stations, snack bars, staff canteens, health care institutions, hotels and restaurants. We make products for these hospitality venues that are not sold in grocery stores, including a large variety of meat and fish dishes.

“Our most important principals are the consumers in Norway, and our job is to ensure that we serve them what they want at any given time. We have the freedom to combine all the raw materials that consumers want into tasty, safe and attractive products”, maintains Brevik.

The many cooks at Orkla Foods Norge know what people like and which tastes will be popular. Accordingly, all the products put into production at the factories are made first by the cooks in our test kitchens.

“Product development and innovation is absolutely essential for us. Without cooks and food expertise, we would never have managed to be the kitchen for the whole county of Norway.

“Having all the resources in the world available for marketing products won’t make any difference; if the food doesn’t taste good, consumers will choose other products”, concludes Brevik

For more information, contact:
Bjørn BrennskagCommunications Director, Orkla Foods Norge, +47 906 06 383/bjorn.brennskag@stabburet.no