Orkla Foods Sverige – a new food company

January 2, 2014 sees the formation of a new food company, Orkla Foods Sverige.


On 2 January 2014 a new name, Orkla Foods Sverige, makes its appearance in the Swedish food industry. This is one of Sweden’s leading food companies with a portfolio that includes several of the country’s most popular and best-known food and drink brands, including Abba, Felix, Önos and Frödinge. Close, strategic collaboration and sustainability are two of the cornerstones of the new food company’s commercial strategy.

In 2013 the merger of three of Sweden’s best-known food companies – Abba Seafood, Frödinge Mejeri and Procordia – created a landmark event in the Swedish food industry. On 2 January another page of history will be written when the new organisation changes its name to Orkla Foods Sverige AB. With sales of some SEK 4.8 billion a year and approximately 1,500 employees, Orkla Foods Sverige will be one of the very biggest players in the Swedish food industry. The company also owns many of Sweden’s best-known and most popular brands in food and drink: Abba, Abba Middagsklart, Felix, Kalles, Frödinge, Mrs Cheng’s, BOB, Ekströms, Risifrutti, Grandiosa, Önos, Kung Gustaf, FUN Light, Grebbestads, JOKK, Den Gamle Fabrik, Ejderns, Svennes, Hållö, Lucullus, Limfjord, Liva Energi and Paulúns.

“Our mission is to use our brands and our products to make life simpler for our customers and consumers, while also making food and drink tastier for them to enjoy. Our collective size and the fact that we have many of the very best people in the business working for us mean that we can develop and strengthen our brands and capture new shares of the market,” says Patrik Andersson, CEO of Orkla Foods Sverige AB.

“Tastiness will continue to be the prime focus in our product development work. We want to be able to guarantee every customer a wholesome and tasty experience by offering products that are prepared with a sense of responsibility and care. Our customers and consumers must be able to rely on us and our products,” Patrik adds.

Close strategic collaboration and sustainability are two of the cornerstones of the new food company’s commercial strategy.

“During the course of work to create our new food company a clear vision has evolved: we will grow – together. Our ambitions are not limited to our own internal perspective. We want to continue to grow in a sustainable way through long-term relationships with our customers, suppliers and partners. We will maintain a firm focus on strong innovations and close, strategic collaboration with our customers and suppliers to create the right conditions for this continued growth.”

The new food company, which is headquartered in Eslöv, Sweden, strengthens the presence of its owner, Norway’s Orkla Group, in the Swedish market. Orkla Foods Sverige prepares its food and drink in Sweden at facilities in nine locations: Eslöv, Tollarp, Fågelmara, Frödinge, Kungshamn, Uddevalla (warehousing), Kumla, Örebro and Vansbro. As a result of the recent mergers, the new organisation has welcomed many new faces at its head office in Eslöv, and the current premises are no longer large enough to meet needs.

“We will be looking at alternatives in Eslöv, Lund and Malmö. For us, it is obvious that the future head office should remain in the province of Skåne, which we consider to be the hub of the Swedish food industry and which enjoys a reputation far and wide as ‘Sweden’s larder’,” Patrik Andersson says.

For further information, please contact:
Patrik Andersson, CEO, Orkla Foods SverigeTel: +46 761-11 34 00, e-mail: patrik.andersson@orklafoods.se

Cecilia Sjöholm, Communication Manager, Orkla Foods Sverige.Tel: +46 765-38 55 34, e-mail: cecilia.sjoholm@orklafoods.se