Orkla Foods Sverige commits to 100% MSC-labelled fish

Orkla Foods Sverige is committing itself to tough new targets in order to safeguard fish and the marine environment.


By the end of 2020 all products containing fish and/or shellfish will be MSC certified. The company is also setting a number of other challenging targets.

“It’s obvious to us that our business activities should create value both for Orkla Foods Sverige and for society as a whole. So it’s a proud moment for us today to be able to present our new marine environment goals. This provides a clear framework in which to work, and the quantifiable goals make it simple for consumers, the rest of the industry and other stakeholders to follow our progress,” says Patrik Andersson, CEO of Orkla Foods Sverige.

The work already done by Orkla Foods Sverige to preserve the marine environment was recognised earlier this year when Martin & Servera, a wholesaler and catering specialist, awarded the company a special prize for its long-term approach to sustainability issues. Orkla Foods Sverige now has eight new targets to meet, the toughest of which is probably to ensure that the entire range of seafood is MSC-/ASC-labelled by the end of 2020.

MSC certification is an internationally recognised eco-labelling system for safeguarding the sustainability of wild fish stocks. The programme is administered by the independent Marine Stewardship Council. The corresponding eco-labelling programme for farmed fish products is known as ASC certification.

“We have chosen to base our initiative on MSC and ASC certification because these programmes are well known, well established in the market and enjoy a high level of credibility. We are aware of the fact that we will encounter challenges along the way, but we are firmly convinced that this is the direction in which we wish to proceed,” says Cecilia Sjöholm, CSR Director at Orkla Foods Sverige.

Minna Epps, Regional Manager for MSC in Scandinavia and the Baltic region, welcomes Orkla Foods Sverige’s ambitious new targets for MSC certification: “Orkla Foods Sverige’s decision to MSC-certify its entire range of fish products makes it even easier for consumers to make the right choice. Companies that act responsibly, make demands and set clear goals also make an important difference even below the surface of the seas.”

Orkla Foods Sverige’s 8 targets for preserving the marine environment:

Orkla Foods Sverige conducts annual assessments of stocks of all the company’s fish and shellfish species.

By the end of 2020 all Orkla Foods Sverige products that contain fish and shellfish will be MSC-certified and/or ASC-certified.

By the end of 2016 Orkla Foods Sverige will offer at least one KRAV-certified alternative for its pickled herring products and for Kalles kaviar sandwich spread.

By the end of 2016 Orkla Foods Sverige will have a 100% MSC-certified range of Kalles kaviar sandwich spread.

By the end of 2015 Orkla Foods Sverige will have a 100% MSC-certified range of lumpfish roe.

Orkla Foods Sverige will continue to offer a 100% MSC-certified range of pickled herring under the Abba brand.

By the end of 2015 Orkla Foods Sverige will have a 100% MSC-certified range of Abba fish balls.

Orkla Foods Sverige is conducting a project for sustainable management of stocks of longtail tuna fish (Thunnus Tonggol) in the waters off Thailand.

For further information, please contact:
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