Orkla Foods Sweden receives sustainability award

Martin & Servera, a leading wholesaler and specialist for the catering industry in Sweden, has awarded Orkla Foods Sweden a special prize for its long-term approach to work on sustainability issues.


In its motivation for the award the company makes special mention of the Abba range of seafood products, which includes a 100% MSC certified range of pickled herring. Orkla Foods Sweden has declared that it will invest the prize money in work to develop fishing equipment.

There was no mistaking the pride and pleasure among the co-workers from Orkla Foods Sweden who received the prize on behalf of the company as winners of Martina & Servera’s “Challenge 2014” award for demonstrating a long-term commitment to sustainability.

The motivation in full reads as follows: “In recognition of a responsible, ongoing and highly successful commitment to sustainability for one of the company’s brands. An offer, albeit within just part of the range, that represents 100% MSC certification means real value added for environmentally aware restaurants and commercial kitchens. We now hope that this award, primarily in recognition of the achievements made with the Abba range, will also have an effect on the company’s range of vegetable products, jams, preserves and other lines. This year’s award for a long-term commitment to sustainability goes to Orkla Foods Sweden.”

In addition to the honour and prestige that accompany the award, Orkla Foods Sweden received 5,000 Swedish kronor in cash. The company intends to invest this money directly its ongoing sustainability work.

“The prize money will be used in one of our current projects on the development of selective fishing gear. The kind of equipment used by fishing fleets is one of many important aspects that we have to consider in our sustainability work and we are therefore eager to support initiatives like this in the fishing industry,” says Eva Berglie, Head of PR at Orkla Foods Sweden.

Solveig Buhl is Sustainability Manager at Orkla Foods Sweden. She also heads the Marine Environment team that works proactively to conserve sustainable fish stocks and offer marine-friendly products to the market.

“Since 2010 we have had our own internal Marine Environment team with representatives from different parts of the company. The team was established to promote initiatives for a healthy marine environment and sustainable stocks of fish. We meet once a month to discuss the latest developments within our focus area, examine the risks and opportunities that we see, and reach decisions about activities and any measures that need to be implemented. It’s a fantastic feeling for us to receive this kind of recognition that we are pursuing the right course,” says Solveig Buhl.

The prize was awarded during the GastroNord Food & Beverage Fair in Stockholm in May.