Orkla Growth Award goes to Orkla Food Ingredients

Orkla Food Ingredients was this year’s winner of the Orkla Growth Award.


The jury emphasised Orkla Food Ingredients’ ability to create broad-based growth and share knowledge across national borders and product categories. In its grounds, the jury states:

“This year’s winner has achieved profit growth in the five preceding quarters, driven by broad-based growth across countries and categories. This has resulted in an impressive 34% increase in EBITA over the past five quarters. This growth and improvement stems from a strong price management focus and an ambition to deliver synergies both through the flow of products as well as through the flow of knowledge.” 

Orkla Food Ingredients received the prize at the Orkla Growth Awards ceremony at Quality Hotel Sarpsborg on Monday evening.

The other awards presented were:

Best Advertising: Orkla Confectionery & Snacks Norge, Smørbukk

Best Sales Growth Innovation: MTR Foods, India

Best Packaging: Orkla Foods Sverige, Grandiosa pizzarull

Best Core Business Innovation: Orkla Foods Norge, Grandiosa

Best New Launch: Orkla Confectionery & Snacks, Polly Storplate

Best Operations Award: Orkla Foods Sverige, Fågelmara factory

In addition, the honorary award “One Team for Growth” was presented to Rabbe Wikström and his team, who have generated remarkable results in several projects working as one Orkla team.

“Innovative ability and good marketing are crucial if we are to create profitable growth. I am therefore very pleased to see the high standards achieved by the finalists of this year’s Orkla Growth Awards,” says Orkla President and CEO Peter A. Ruzicka.

The Orkla Growth Awards ceremony was held this year for the 15th time. A total of 134 candidates were nominated in six different growth and innovation categories. A new feature this year was the honorary awards “One Team for Growth” and “Best Operations Award”. 

This year’s jury was headed by Peter A. Ruzicka and otherwise comprised Karl Otto Tveter, Atle Vidar Nagel-Johansen, Paul Jordahl, Pål Eikeland, Christer Åberg, Stig Ebert Nilssen, Johan Clarin, Maria Borge Andreassen, Arve Heltne, Rune Myrmel and Mirjam Hamnen.