Orkla participated in deforestation debate

Orkla participated in a panel debate on deforestation on 14 October.


The panel debate is part of the Cutting Ties Between Business and Deforestation conference hosted by the Rainforest Foundation Norway, FoodDrinkNorway (NHO Mat og Drikke) and the Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment. The purpose of the conference is to inspire companies to establish deforestation-free supply chains and to share knowledge and experiences to enable more companies to commit to zero deforestation. Minister of Climate and Environment Tine Sundtoft and Petter Haas Brubakk, Director General of FoodDrinkNorway will speak at the conference.

“Orkla wants to safeguard rainforests and other forests worth protecting and will make systematic, targeted efforts to ensure that our products do not contribute to deforestation,” says Ellen Behrens, VP Corporate Responsibility, who will represent Orkla in the panel debate.

As part of Orkla’s sustainability strategy, the Group has set a goal of ensuring that all important agricultural raw materials and packaging are produced sustainably by 2020. Preventing deforestation is a key focus of this work. Among other things, Orkla companies work purposefully to reduce their use of palm oil in products, and have cut their palm oil consumption by 19,000 tonnes since 2008.

The majority of the biscuits, snacks, confectionery and other food products manufactured by Orkla for the Nordic grocery market now contain no palm oil. Orkla has also implemented a number of measures to ensure that the palm oil we use is sustainably produced. The Group’s goal is for all palm oil used in Orkla’s branded consumer goods to be sustainably produced without deforestation by the end of 2017 at the latest.

The panel debate

Besides Ellen Behrens, the following persons will participate in the panel debate on eliminating rainforest destruction from supply chains:

Pia Heidenmark Cook, Head Of Sustainability, Ikea Group

Isak Oksvold, Director Environment and Social Responsibility, Aspelin Ramm

Bjarne Rask Thomsen, CEO, Denofa

Scott Poynton, Executive Director, The Forest Trust (TFT)

The debate will be moderated by Svein Tveitdal, CEO Klima 2020.

Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) telethon

This year, the proceeds of the NRK telethon will go to the Rainforest Foundation’s efforts to save rainforests in close collaboration with the people living there. The funds from the 2015 telethon will save an area of rainforest larger than all of Norway and Denmark combined.