Orkla product launches around the world

Pizza with grilled vegetables, vegetarian burgers and organic jams are among the new food products launched by Orkla companies in the Nordic region.


In Norway, Pizzabakeriet is launching a new pizza with grilled organic vegetables, while Swedish consumers can look forward to FELIX Veggie Morotsbullar (carrot balls) and vegetarian burgers. In Denmark, the many new food products now in stores include organic jams from Den Gamle Fabrik and Naturli’ Smørbar, a 100% organic, plant-based spread.

“Several of our new products meet consumer demand for vegetarian and organic food. A good example is ‘Funky Fields’, an innovative series of soy-based dinners that make it easy for people with busy lives to choose vegan and vegetarian,” says Arve Heltne, Senior Vice President, Orkla Marketing & Innovation.

“Funky Fields” has been launched in Denmark, and includes 100% plant-based ice cream in four flavours. Another noteworthy new product, Heltne says, is Paùluns Superknäcke Rotfrukt, a healthy crispbread containing 26% root vegetables. Launched in Sweden, the crispbread comes in carrot and beetroot varieties.

“Nationally produced food is another clear trend in Sweden. FELIX Veggie Morotsbullar, for example, are made from Swedish carrots without any additives,” says Heltne, adding: “The products have environmentally friendly packaging, made from 60% renewable plastic.”

More of what’s good, less that’s unhealthy

“The health trend is going strong,” says Heltne. “Consumers still want less added sugar and salt in their foods, and products without additives. At Orkla we’re working systematically across all borders to satisfy this demand. There is clearly more focus on healthy ingredients outside the Nordic region as well.”

Examples include:

Felix ketchup with more tomatoes, less sugar and less salt, and Spilva pickled cucumbers without additives from Orkla Foods in Lithuania.

Gutta Smoothies from Orkla Foods in Latvia are 100% vegetable- or fruit-based, and are completely free of added sugar.

Vitana of the Czech Republic is launching new varieties of its Farmer’s Soup, which is free of palm oil and artificial additives.

Hamé is launching a series of tasty gluten-free pasta sauces and vegetable mixes in glass jars as well as healthier vegetable-based baby food in glass jars.

MTR of India, Orkla’s largest vegetarian brand, is offering tasty new ready-made Indian dishes that are simple to heat up and eat on the go.