Orkla product launches in the Nordics

Vegetarian soups and organic plant bars and smoothies are some of the many new products launched by Orkla companies in the Nordic region.


“An emphasis on less salt and sugar in food products and more focus on organic raw materials and vegetarian alternatives are reflected in several of Orkla’s launches in Sweden and Denmark. In that respect, they are a good response to the trends we have seen in our Nordic diet survey,” says Arve Heltne, Senior Vice President, Orkla Marketing & Innovation.

Vegetarian products with a high vegetable content 

“We are launching several innovations that meet consumer demand for vegetarian products. One example is Paulúns Super Greens, a range of vegetarian soups made entirely from natural ingredients, which meet up to 40% of the daily vegetable requirement,” Arve Heltne relates. “Organic plant bars and smoothies featuring exciting taste combinations from our Danish brand Naturli’ are two more examples.”

The vegetarian brand Anamma offers Pulled Vego in three new flavours, enabling Swedish consumers to quickly and easily serve good vegetarian dinners. New launches in Denmark include Beauvais vegetable sauces made from 80% vegetables and Pastella fresh vegetable pasta for lasagne. Pastella is also launching wok noodles with a 40% vegetable content in two different versions, parsley root and peas/seaweed.

Free-from products

“Products with no artificial additives and based on local raw materials are also a prominent trend. An example is Felix, where all sauces and dressings are now labelled to make it clearly visible that they are made in Sweden and are free from artificial flavours and colours,” Arve Heltne explains.

Orkla Foods Danmark is entering new categories with the Gårdlykke brand, which offers locally produced potato salad and sliced sandwich meats.

Healthier favourites

“The Swedish Kalles Kaviar cod roe spread is a good example of the efforts that have been made to make this popular favourite healthier. We are now relaunching the two versions Lett (Light) and Mild with 50% less salt and 45% less fat than the original product,” says Arve Heltne.

Among other new products that Arve Heltne considers noteworthy are the between-meal oat biscuit Digestive Havremål, Glutenfri Granola from Paulúns and a new snacking range, Grandiosa Quesadilla, that comes in two versions, Chicken and Cheese Taco. OLW is offering four different flavours of popcorn, which are being launched in all the Nordic countries (in Denmark under the KiMs brand).

A good environmental choice for washing

Orkla Care Sverige is expanding the naturally green, mild Grumme brand of cleaning products to meet all needs, from hand, machine and clothes washing to wipes. All the products are labelled “Good environmental choice”.