Orkla’s Annual Report 2015 now launched

Orkla’s Annual Report for 2015, which also includes the company’s sustainability reporting, has been published today.


“In 2015, Orkla strengthened its position as a branded consumer goods company through a number of strategically important acquisitions. By relocating production operations and rationalising our manufacturing structure, we have begun the process of laying a solid foundation for our long-term competitiveness. The adoption of the Orkla Compass has given us a shared value platform that will make it easier to work as one Orkla,” says Peter A. Ruzicka, in his “Message from the CEO”.

Read more in Orkla’s Annual Report: 


The report can be downloaded as a pdf file from this website.

For environmental and cost reasons, Orkla has decided to cease publishing a printed version of the report. For the first time, the sustainability report is also included in Orkla’s Annual Report.