Orkla´s approach to nutrition and health

A revised version of Orkla’s report on nutrition and health is now available on Orkla’s website. 


The purpose of this report is to give our stakeholders an insight into the way Orkla works in the field of nutrition and health.

– A balanced diet and regular exercise are very important for good health. However, health is a complex matter, and as a business enterprise, we can only provide part of the solution, says Åge Korsvold, Orkla’s President & CEO.

–  Promoting good health is a goal that can only be achieved through the concerted efforts of several different actors, such as the public authorities, educational institutions, consumers and the food industry. At Orkla, we are committed to participating in such cooperation.

General principles at Orkla

Orkla will develop and market tasty products that offer added value in terms of nutrition and health, promoting well-being and food enjoyment.

Orkla complies with national nutrition recommendations, and the overarching principle of promoting a balanced, varied diet

Orkla will pursue an open dialogue with authorities, universities and other special interest organisations

Orkla will make it easy for consumers to choose a balanced, nutritious diet by labelling packaging with relevant, understandable information on nutritional content

Orkla´s food products are assessed from a nutrition and health perspective. Nutrition and health are factors naturally taken into account in the development of new products and the design of product information

Questions regarding the report may be sent to Orkla ASA’s Nutrition and Health Manager, Anders Högberg: