Orkla’s approach to nutrition and health

Orkla’s brochure on nutrition and health has now been updated. You can download the newest version here.


“Nutrition and health are an important dimension of the development of foods and beverages by Orkla companies. Our brochure, Orkla´s approach to nutrition and health, is designed to give our stakeholders an insight into the way Orkla works in this field,” says Anders Högberg, Manager Nutrition and Health at Orkla. A revised version is now available on the Orkla website.

Consumers are increasingly conscious of nutrition and health issues. At the same time, overweight is a growing social problem. As leading manufacturers of foods and beverages, Orkla companies can make a positive contribution to public health by developing products that make it easier for the population to maintain a balanced diet.

Less sugar, saturated fat and salt

“A great deal of good work is being done by our companies. In the course of 2013, several Orkla companies have taken a number of steps to reduce the amount of sugar, saturated fat and salt in their products,” says Anders Högberg.

Examples of products with an improved nutritional profile are described in further detail in the revised brochure Orkla´s approach to nutrition and healt.