Orkla’s autumn product launch

Vegetarian pizza, climate-friendly meals, tempting chocolate flavours and detergents in environmentally friendly packaging are among this autumn’s many new products from Orkla.


Numerous new products are now on their way to store shelves in the Nordic countries and the Baltics.

“Across Orkla we see many innovative new products which make it easier for our consumers to make healthy, more sustainable choices every day. This is very inspiring” says Nils Goller, Senior Vice President, Orkla Marketing & Innovation.

“Another important trend is that several of our innovations are now travelling across borders, being launched by Orkla companies in other home markets”.

Plant-based temptations

In Sweden, Anamma is launching a vegan stone-baked pizza, as well as VegoTexmex and VegoVesuvio versions of its mini-PanPizza. Felix Veggie has developed tasty new pies, while Göteborg’s Utvalda is offering consumers two flavours of thin crispbreads made from root vegetables. OLW is also launching plant-based snacks: cheese pops and crispy balls made from broad beans.

“Following the highly successful launch of lentil and chickpea crisps, we are maintaining our momentum in the healthier snacks segment, with the development of exciting new plant bases,” relates Eric Nilsson, Marketing and Innovation Director, Orkla Confectionery & Snacks in Sweden.

Other new items include crispy vegetable balls from the Danish company Beauvais. In Norway, TORO is launching its first soups marked as climate-friendly, as well as gluten-free versions of customer favourites tomato soup, Bergen fish soup and cauliflower soup.


Grandiosa’s Mandagspizza (Monday pizza) has been developed in response to the “MeatFreeMonday” initiative, and is designed to help customers reduce their meat intake. This colourful, tempting, new vegetable pizza will be launched in Norway. The Swedish vegetarian food range Anamma, which is already available in a number of countries, is now also being launched in Latvia.

Favourites in new markets

The Norwegian chocolate Smash!, which has already become a customer favourite in Sweden and Denmark under the OLW and KiMs brand names, will now be available in larger bags. Panda is introducing Bamsemums chocolate to the Finnish market, and is also launching an entirely new vegan product: Panda strawberry liquorice made from natural ingredients.

Maxim has developed a new range of protein bars called Hero, Hunky and Freaky. Other new items include Odense Marcipan Lakrids (marzipan liquorice) and Odense marzipan with no added sugar.

Healthy and tasty

In the breakfast segment, Pauluns has developed a new type of soft muesli.

Nötsmörsbakad SOFT Müsli is an entirely new, very healthy taste sensation from Pauluns. The muesli, which is made using protein-rich nut butter, contains a high proportion of nuts, fruits and berries, resulting in a product which is both healthy and very tasty,” says Helena Wallentin, Marketing Manager Breakfast and Beverages, Orkla Foods Sweden.

The new muesli will be available in two flavours, and will be launched in several countries, including under the Bare Bra brand name in Norway. Another Paulun innovation introduced this autumn is Glutenfri Supergranola (gluten-free super granola). The Swedish favourite Felix unsweetened tomato ketchup, which is free of both added sugar and added sweeteners, will now be available in a smaller, 480 gramme bottle. The Czech company Vitana is introducing protein porridges and shakes, as well as a range of chilled vegetable soups.

Detergents in environmentally friendly packaging

The Norwegian detergent brands OMO (washing powder) and Comfort (fabric softener) are launching larger bottles of their products, made of 100% recycled plastic. Other innovations on the detergents front include OMO Trippel Dose (triple dose) washing capsules, sold in a container which includes 20% recycled plastic. Define’s (raw) series offers consumers moisturising seaweed shampoo, balsam and a leave-in treatment, while Klar is launching a specialist detergent for wool and silk.

These and several other new products are now on their way to store shelves.


Elisabeth Aandstad Ekheim

Director, Corporate Communication

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