Orkla’s launches outside Norway

Healthy ready-to-eat dishes, super bars and plant-based bread toppings are among the many new food products offered by Orkla companies in the Nordic region.


“We’re now launching a number of new offerings that meet consumer demands for food products with organic, natural ingredients, and plant-based alternatives to meat,” relates Arve Heltne, Senior Vice President, Orkla Marketing & Innovation.

The innovations launched in Sweden include Paulúns Superbar, Paulúns Super Granola Paleo and Paulúns Superbowl, a range of healthy, tasty ready-to-eat dishes made from all-natural ingredients. The dinners come in three varieties, all of which have a high protein content and meet up to 40% of daily vegetable requirements. The sugar content of the entire Risifrutti range has been reduced, and a sugar-free option, sweetened with stevia, is now also available.

Meeting the demand for vegetarian foods

“Danish consumers will be delighted by plant-based Italian-style toppings, patés, hummus in exciting flavour combinations and great substitutes for meat in cooking. All the Naturli’ products are organic and totally plant-based,” Heltne says.

Among the new products on store shelves are Naturli’ Veggie Bites and Hakket Veggie (minced veggie), which can be used instead of meat in dinner dishes, plant-based patés and organic plant bars containing no milk or gluten. Naturli’ can also tempt shoppers with organic hummus in delectable flavours in exclusive small glass containers. The toppings range comprising varieties such as “A la Roastbeef”, “A la Bresaola” and “A la Coto” is also worth exploring if you want to pack a greener lunch.

Stretching far to ensure the right taste

The popular Laban Seigmenn jelly men are now stretching out to reach new countries:

“We have now launched Laban in India, with Laban Stretchy men adapted to Indian taste preferences. Unlike other soft jellies available on the Indian market, the Indian version of Laban is vegetarian,” Arve Heltne explains.

Among other new confectionery products that Heltne considers notable is the consumer favourite Smash!, which is now being launched in Sweden under the OLW brand.

Healthier favourites

“The health trend with demand for less salt and sugar and gluten-free foods is still strong among consumers, also in Finland, the Baltics and Eastern Europe. At Orkla we work systematically to meet this demand across all the countries we operate in, and are launching healthier versions of our popular favourites in these markets as well,” Arve Heltne concludes.