Pierre Robert Group launches interactive supplier map

At Pierre Robert Group sustainability is high on the agenda. 


In line with the company’s sustainability strategy and its desire to be open and honest with consumers and customers, Pierre Robert Group has now launched an interactive supplier map on its website.

“As a clothing supplier, it is extremely important for us to assure consumers and customers that our garments are produced responsibly and sustainably. In 2014, Pierre Robert Group introduced country of origin labelling on all its products. Now we have gone one step further and have launched an interactive map on pierrerobert.no/se and pierre-robert.com, which gives customers and consumers an overview of the countries in which our collections are produced. In May, we will also make it possible for stakeholders to be sent a list of Pierre Robert Group’s suppliers upon request,” says CEO Hege Holter Brekke.

Pierre Robert Group requires its suppliers to meet strict requirements, and monitors compliance through annual visits. The company also attaches great importance to maintaining long-term relationships with its suppliers, as this creates a more stable framework for both parties. Around 30 per cent of Pierre Robert Group’s suppliers have worked with the company for more than 11 years.

Pierre Robert Group’s interactive map was created by designer Bente Helstrøm. The map shows the countries in which Pierre Robert Group’s various collections are manufactured, and how many factories there are in the different countries.

“We were inspired by Nudie Jeans’ production guide,” relates Margrethe Vikanes, CSR and Quality Manager at Pierre Robert Group. “Our hope is to gradually be able to add more elements and information, so that consumers and customers can really get to know us. By being transparent with regard to our production operations, we want to show that investing in a Pierre Robert product is a safe, good and sustainable choice.”

In addition to its supplier map, Pierre Robert Group has initiated a number of other sustainability measures in 2016. Among other things, recycled cardboard will be introduced in the packaging of all its wool products for children and women in the course of the year. Moreover, the sustainable mixture of merino wool and the natural material Tencel® will continue to be used in all the tops in the popular Pierre Robert Wool Collection.