Pierre Robert Group’s textile manufacturing in Asia

Pierre Robert Group has worked closely with Chinese suppliers in the textile industry for several years.


Besides ensuring better working conditions for textile workers, this collaboration has proved to promote higher, more stable quality in deliveries. Textile manufacturing is often located in countries where the risk of human rights violations is high. Pierre Robert Group is Norway’s largest supplier of basic garments to grocery stores, and the company has a total of 42 suppliers, most of whom are located in Asia and Europe. Over 60% of the products are manufactured in China. Over a period of several years, Pierre Robert Group has worked closely with its suppliers to improve their employees’ conditions of employment and working conditions.

Code of conduct

As a prerequisite for entering into cooperation with a manufacturer, Pierre Robert Group requires that the supplier comply with the company’s code of conduct, which covers such issues as wage levels and general conditions of employment. It also requires that wages and social benefits be consistent with the minimum level required by national law or with theindustry standard in each country. The higher of the two standards shall apply.

Pierre Robert Group uses international or local personnel to check that the code of conduct is adhered to, and by making visits itself to suppliers for this purpose. No serious breaches of the code of conduct have been found in inspections of the company’s suppliers.

Pierre Robert Group has worked purposefully for several years to raise production process standards, and the company sets strict requirements with regard to working hours and working conditions in every contract that it enters into with suppliers.