Polly without palm oil

Now all the nut mixes produced by the KiMs factory at Skreia are made with peanut oil. Palm oil in Polly peanuts is history.


As from 14 December, the production of all nuts at Skreia is based on peanut oil instead of palm oil. All of the more than 20 Polly products will be palm oil free from January onwards.

Stein Rønne, Product Development Manager for snacks, has worked hard to find alternative oils at the KiMs factory.

“We have been examining alternatives to palm oil for nuts for quite a while, and have thoroughly tested a variety of oils. In the end we chose peanut oil because it is the only alternative that ensures that Polly has the same good taste and quality that consumers look for in Polly nuts,” he says.

“The KiMs factory is now totally free of palm oil, a fact that we are very proud of. The only KiMs product now containing palm oil is KiMs Micropop popcorn, which is produced in France. It will still be made with certified palm oil, as it is not yet possible to manufacture micropopcorn with an alternative oil,” explains the Product Development Manager.