Popular dinners now gluten-free

Grandiosa pizza and Toro Lasagne will now be available in a gluten-free version.


Some 350,000 Norwegians cannot tolerate gluten. For them, finding good dinner alternatives is a challenge. Thanks to better access to raw materials, a variety of new gluten-free products will now be sold in grocery stores.

Norway’s most popular dinner meals will now be available in a gluten-free version. This will be the biggest gluten-free product launch ever in Norway.

Orkla Foods Norge has offered gluten-free products since 1979. So far, these have mainly been bakery products in the Toro Fri range. Feedback from consumers who eat gluten-free foods has made it clear that they also need gluten-free dinner options. To meet this demand, the company is now launching gluten-free versions of the family favourites Grandiosa pizza and Toro Lasagne.

“We are very proud to be able to expand our range of gluten-free products with such popular favourites as Grandiosa pizza and Toro Lasagne. Our primary objective is to make everyday life easier for all consumers and their families whose choices are limited every day by the fact that they do not tolerate gluten,” says  Linn Anne Bjelland Brunborg, Nutrition and Health Manager at Orkla Foods Norge.   

“Our main target groups are persons who have coeliac disease or non-coeliac gluten sensitivity,” explains Ms Bjelland Brunborg.

Pizza is by far the most commonly eaten meal in Norway, and Grandiosa is Norway’s national pizza. More than 20 million of this popular dish are sold every year. Lasagne is also one of the most commonly eaten dishes and the eighth most commonly eaten dinner every day. All in all, this means that every day almost half a million consumers in Norway eat either pizza or lasagne. (Source: Spisefakta 2011).

“Pizza and lasagne are eaten by almost half a million Norwegian consumers. It’s therefore high time that more gluten-free varieties are sold in shops,” says Ms Bjelland Brunborg.

“As a major food manufacturer, it is important that we at Orkla Foods Norge take our corporate responsibility seriously and offer good alternatives for people who have to follow a diet for health reasons,” says Linn Anne Bjelland Brunborg.

Gluten-free Grandiosa

The original Grandiosa will now also be available with a gluten-free crust. Gluten-free foods are a growing segment, and Grandiosa is a strong brand that will further boost the category. The fact that Norway’s top-selling pizza is now also gluten-free makes this the biggest gluten-free product launch ever in Norway.Gluten-free Grandiosa pizzas are now on sale in stores.

Gluten-free Toro Lasagne

Consumers have been asking for a gluten-free Toro Lasagne for years. Many families have reported that preparing a tasty dinner for the whole family when one or more members have coeliac disease or gluten intolerance is a challenge. For many people, therefore, gluten-free lasagne will be a welcome addition to the menu.

Toro Lasagne Glutenfri will be available in stores in a couple of weeks.

Both products contain a maximum of 20 mg of gluten per 100 g, which meets the criterion for a food to be “gluten-free”.

Strong growth in gluten-free segment

The number of people who want to eat gluten-free foods is rapidly increasing. In a survey carried out by the National Institute for Consumer Research (SIFO), 17% replied that they tried a gluten-free diet in 2013. Among respondents aged 15-24, the proportion was 32%.

There are many reasons why people wish to eat gluten-free foods. The most important are stated to be:

A healthy, trendy diet (15% of the population)

Family and acquaintances of persons with a diagnosis (10% of the population)

Non-coeliac gluten sensitivity (5 – 7% of the population)

Coeliac disease (1% of the population)

Wheat allergy (0.5% of the population)

(Sources: Mintel 2013 and the Norwegian Asthma and Allergy Association)

This is predicted to be one of the fastest-growing food trends in both the USA and the UK. The segment grew by 16% in the UK in the last calendar year, while the US gluten-free food and beverage industry grew by 44% from 2011 to 2013.

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