Presenting Orkla’s autumn launches

Environmentally friendly toothbrushes, vegetarian pies and a new range of ready-made sauces are just some of the new products offered by Orkla in September.


September launches

“Consumers want sustainable, green products, so we are constantly making changes in an effort to use less plastic and more recycled materials. The Jordan Green Clean toothbrush, which we are launching in several Nordic countries, is one example of how we focus on the entire product to realise this objective,” relates Arve Heltne, Senior Vice President, Orkla Marketing & Innovation.

The Jordan Green Clean toothbrush is made of 100% recycled plastic, the brush part itself is made of plant-based material, and the packaging is made of recycled cardboard.

More of what’s good

“Our new ready-made sauces from TORO are our response to consumer demand for more natural products containing no additives. The sauces are made from particularly good raw materials, are ready to serve in just two minutes, and contain no preservatives whatsoever,” Heltne explains.

Other new food products include Stabburet Pai Vegetarisk vegetarian pies and TORO Chunky Soup Vegetarisk Indisk Masala. The American classic “Mac’ n Cheese” is now available in a TORO version, while Grandiosa offers a new beef-topped pizza, Grandiosa Biff. Pizzabakeriet is launching a new variety of pizza featuring chicken and introducing extra thin crusts on all its pizzas.

Snacks and confectionery shelves will tempt consumers with the new orange-flavoured chocolate Troika Appelsin and Nidar’s new big chocolate tablet with chunks of Safari Cookies. The Vill brand offers Fruktige Bær and Friske Frukter fruit and berry-flavoured jellies, along with the Vill dark chocolate bar with cashews and hazelnuts. Sætre Digestive is launching tasty whole meal biscuits.

Products to make your everyday life greener

“Klar, our lifestyle brand, has been well received in the market, and we are now also launching a kitchen spray cleaner, laundry detergent powder and a spray cleaner for glass and mirrors. With these products we aim to make it easy and attractive to make green choices on an everyday basis,” Heltne says.

Other new products include Comfort Nordic Scents, a laundry softener made of plant-based ingredients, and RÅ, a brand-new range of hair care products that focus on sustainability. Both new offerings feature the Vegan and Nordic Swan eco-labels.

“RÅ is a newly launched range under the Define brand, where we have gone to great lengths to provide eco-friendly packaging for the shampoos and conditioners, both in terms of design and by using recycled, recyclable materials,” Heltne comments.

The popular Lano and Dr. Greve shower soaps will now be available in new packaging in the form of more environmentally friendly bottles made with less plastic. Pierre Robert is launching its new Comfy Tights in several countries, and relaunching some of its favourite products for children, Nordic Swan eco-labelled woollen clothing and GOTS-certified cotton undergarments in a colourful, new design.

Other new products that Heltne considers worth noting are Möller’s Tran cod liver oil, now in a brand-new flavour. The new Maxim Protein Powder Porridge is high in protein, with no added sugar. Nutrilett offers new bars containing more protein and fiber.

These and a number of other new Orkla products are now on their way to Norwegian store shelves.