Preventing sickness absence at KiMs

Adapted workplace conditions are reducing sickness absence at KiMs in Denmark.


Orkla’s Danish snacks company is adapting working conditions to enable persons on sick leave to return to a job situation that is tailored to their individual needs.

“We are trying to bring employees on long-term sick leave back to work by offering them different duties and, in some cases, shorter working hours. In certain situations we draw up a fit-forwork certificate, which is a tripartite agreement between the employee, KiMs and the physician regarding the employee’s possibilities of active workplace participation,” says Personnel Manager Jan Jensen.

The company’s experience with this system is positive; it enables pregnant women, for instance, to stay in their jobs longer because their workload has been adjusted. This helps to reduce sickness absence.

A colleague network

As part of its preventive efforts, KiMs focuses attention on its employees’ wellbeing. The company has established what t calls a “colleague network”, consisting of employees within the organisation.

“The network members have received training to give them insight into stress symptoms, which will help them to recognise stress-related behaviour among their colleagues,” explains Jan Jensen.

Corporate responsibility

The company’s efforts to promote a good working environment have been noticed outside the company as well. In 2012, KiMs was presented with the 2011 Enterprise Award for inclusion and social responsibility by the local employment office in Nord-Fyn. The reasons cited for giving the award to the company were its emphasis on a good working environment and employee well-being and its efforts to help unemployed persons find jobs by offering them work