Product of the year 2012

KronJäst Bagarens Surdeg won the “Product of the Year 2012” prize, at a gala in Stockholm on the 6th of September. 


The gala event directs attention to the best producers in the industry – in several categories.

The jury’s motivation for the prize:

“The winner of ”Product of the Year” is based on the insights of the target group’s needs, especially among men, to make something on our own in our daily lives where time is of constant shortage. This product is packaged in a manner which makes it easy to use directly and spontaneously, and this has created added value for the store on an otherwise forgotten shelf.”

KronJäst Bagarens Surdeg was one of three nominees in the category. The other nominees were Abba Seafood (Abba “Dinner ready”) and Pic & Mix (salad bar). To win the prize, the product should be qualified in:

Innovation and development of range or methods

Significant consumer value

Value added to its category

Created added value in the store

Brings knowledge for retail/consumer

“In a busy world, it is important to make it easier for consumers. Previously, sourdough baking was something for people with knowledge and time. KronJäst Bagarens Surdeg opens up for the broad mass of consumers to catch on to the sourdough trend and successfully bake their own sourdough bread at home. We are proud,” says Rolf Eriksson, CEO of Jästbolaget.

The Product

KronJäst Bagarens Surdeg is a fresh liquid and dry sourdough ready to use without any preparation. It was nominated for “Product of the Year 2012” by the magazine Fri Köpenskap.

KronJäst Bagarens Surdeg has been developed in cooperation between Jästbolaget and KåKå (companies within Orkla Food Ingredients), a partnership in which each company’s knowledge and experience have been shared and used in the best possible way.