Relaunched products and innovations from Orkla

In May Orkla will be relaunching many of its companies’ major branded consumer goods with new flavours, product improvements and new packaging.


“We will be seeing more relaunches in the time to come because we are dependent on creating sustained consumer awareness of our products and ensuring that consumers have a positive view of them. In our experience, consumers constantly expect new innovations,” explains Arve Heltne, SVP Orkla Commercial Excellence.

Suppliers to the grocery sector in the Nordic region traditionally have three main product launch periods: January/February, April/May and September/October. Once again, Orkla is demonstrating that it leads the field for product innovation in its categories.

Nidar is following up on its big Stratos campaign by launching Stratos Spragleknas chocolate with colourful, crunchy chocolate chips, as both a maxi bar and a regular-sized bar. In collaboration with Sætre, another Orkla company, Nidar will also be introducing a Stratos chocolate biscuit. Cross-company cooperation within the Orkla Group, or cobranding, is a trend we are likely to see more of from Orkla.

Other examples of new products launched by Orkla are:

Procordia: A new flavour has been added to the Kalles Kaviar range, and Kombo Cream Cheese & Kaviar and Minifrutti are other new products now being introduced.

Lilleborg: OMO Flytende (liquid clothing detergent) is being relaunched, enhanced with the Xpert stain removal system, and the Sunsilk range of hair care products has two new additions, Vitamin Explosion shampoo and conditioner.

Sætre: Ballerina biscuits will now be available in a new flavour called Jordbærkyss (Strawberry Kiss) with a taste of strawberry in vanilla cream.

Stabburet: Big One Pizza, American Diner and Løvstek (minute steak) products are being relaunched with improvements.

Idun: Home-baked cake decorations.

KiMs, Denmark: KiMs Snack Nødder (nuts) and three new Chipsvalg varieties.

Kalev: Continues to build on its success by expanding the Mesi-Käpp product range in Estonia.

Orkla is taking active steps to respond to consumer demand for products with lower sugar content. Beauvais ketchup containing stevia, a sugar substitute, will be sold in Danish food stores as fromc May. The new ketchup has 40% fewer calories. Moreover, Nutrilett’s smoothies have been relaunched with 30% less sugar, and Ekströms’ fruit cordial in Finland will be launched with 40% less sugar.

Another trend is that several of Orkla’s branded consumer goods and innovations are crossing borders in the Nordic region. For instance, Axellus’s range of sports nutrition products, Maxim, is being relaunched in Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark with new flavours and product and packaging improvements. One of Orkla’s strongest brands in Norway, Grandiosa, is now sold to consumers in Sweden and Finland. KiMs Rørchips crisps have now been launched in most of the Nordic countries. Den Gamle Fabrik’s huge success in Denmark, creamed marmalade, is now being introduced on the Estonian market by Põltsamaa Felix.

“We are also glad to see that the companies are focusing new attention on well-established, time-honoured brands like Estonian Mesi-Käpp and Russian Belochka and My-My. In Finland, we are also launching a retro ketchup under the Felix brand name,” says Arve Heltne.