Safety in sales work at Nidar

With a work day that keeps you on the go, it’s important to think safety.


The 160 employees in Nidar’s sales organisation do a lot of their work in stores. It is important, therefore, that they are aware of the need to create safe work conditions. Among other things, that means using the right tools. “Everyone in our sales team has been given a small, stable step ladder to keep in their car so they don’t have to use soft drink crates to reach high shelves in stores. They consciously choose the right footwear, and are aware that high-heeled shoes and sandals should not be worn at work. Everyone is given gloves so that they have better grip and avoid cuts from cardboard, as well as knives with blades that are secured when not in use,” relates Bente Resell, EHS Manager at Nidar.

Identifying hazardous conditions

Environment, health and safety (EHS) ranks high on the sales organisation’s agenda. It is a regular item of business at all sales meetings, which are also attended by representatives from the EHS Department.
All injuries, hazardous conditions and near-accidents must be reported, so that we can continuously make improvements. To simplify the reporting process, everyone has been given a card the size of a bank card, on which the telephone numbers of key EHS staff members in the company are listed. A prize of a Flax lottery ticket is awarded for each matter reported. Company-wide surveys are also conducted to identify hazardous situations and enable preventive action to be taken.“EHS improvement in the sales organisation began in the autumn of 2009, and we are seeing steady improvement in this area. We often receive input and ideas from our sales personnel, and it is important to promote high employee awareness of this aspect. The right behaviour and attitudes are absolutely essential in EHS work,” emphasises Resell.