Sapa flies the flag at the Olympics

In November 2009, Sapa Pole Products was commissioned to supply the prestigious 15m flagpoles which carried the Olympic-Ring flags at the main stadium for the 2010 winter Olympics in Vancouver.


These 15m flagpoles are of a two-piece design and equipped with special ‘exhaust’ holes. When installed, the flagpoles were mounted onto a large fan assembly which blows air into the shaft of the pole and is exhausted out of holes in the top of the pole which are adjacent to the flying-flag. This design allows the flags to fly fully and ‘flutter’, even if there is no wind.

The poles were ‘assembled’ prior to final shipping to Vancouver for the opening ceremony. The poles took pride of place behind the Olympic flame, flying the Olympic flags at the BC Place Stadium which hosts the opening ceremony of the games in February 2010.