Sapa signs technology agreement with Japanese Kobe Steel

Japanese Kobe Steel Ltd and Sapa AB has signed an agreement under which Kobe Steel will provide Sapa with production technology for high-quality aluminium extrusions to be used in Sapa’s more than 50 extrusion plants in Europe, North America and Asia. 


Both companies excel in aluminium extrusions. The combination of Kobe Steel Technology with Sapa’s global foot-print and technology, will provide even greater value to customers in automotive, home- and office equipment, and other product areas. The agreement covers the full range of processes ranging from melting and casting to extrusion, including Kobe Steel’s proprietary aluminium alloys that are highly evaluated in the market.

Kobe Steel currently produces aluminium extrusions at its Chofu Works plant in Shimonoseki in western Japan. Major products include bumper material for automobiles, aluminium tubes for OPC (organic photo conductor), drums used in printers and other values added products. “As user industries have increasingly been moving their operations overseas in recent years, building a network that can supply our customers with high-quality products outside Japan has become an important issue”, says Yoriyuki Shibata, Kobe Steel Aluminium Extruded Products.

By this agreement Kobe Steel will be able to meet the global procurement needs of their customers, ensuring the same high quality as in Japan. “With our global foot-print, Sapa will be able to supply Kobe customers. At the same time we will broaden our offering towards both present and new customers further by getting access to sophisticated production technology from Kobe”, says Svein Tore Holsether President and CEO at Sapa.

The deal makes it possible for Sapa to market high-end aluminium extrusions based on Kobe Steel’s technology through the entire Sapa plant network. For fabricated product, such as bumpers, Kobe Steel will be able to obtain semi-finished materials from Sapa’s locations, process and sell them locally.

“This is a very positive solution for both companies”, says Svein Tore Holsether, “Kobe ensures high-quality solutions for its customers outside of Japan, and Sapa gets access to complimentary technology for our advanced profiles extrusions operations”.

For more information please contact:

Tolga Egrilmezer, Vice President Strategy Sapa AB,   Tel: +44 7887 535 956