Stig Ebert Nilssen leaves Orkla

Stig Ebert Nilssen (54) has resigned as Orkla Executive Vice President and CEO of Orkla Care.


Stig Ebert Nilssen
Stig Ebert Nilssen

He has been a member of Orkla’s Group Executive Board since 2013 and CEO of Orkla’s health business since 2005. He will step down from the Group Executive Board as of 1 February 2019.

“I want to express my warm thanks to Stig for the significant efforts that he has made as CEO of Orkla Care over many years. Under his leadership, Orkla Care has established operations in several new categories and markets, and contributed to broad-based growth for Orkla. The business area holds strong positions in many categories in a number of European countries. I also want to emphasise Stig’s commitment and active engagement in many areas of importance for Orkla,” says President and CEO Peter A. Ruzicka.

The process of recruiting a new Executive Vice President and CEO for Orkla Care will now begin.

Until a new person is in place, Lasse Ruud-Hansen (38) will serve in the position in an acting capacity. Mr Ruud-Hansen currently has the title of SVP Business Development at Orkla Care, in addition to which he is acting head of Orkla International Sales. He has previously worked for ISS Facility Services, PA Consulting Group, Kavli and other companies.

Orkla Care had a turnover of NOK 7,479 million in 2017. This accounted for 19% of Orkla’s turnover, and at 31 December 2017 the business area had a workforce equivalent to 3,272 man-years.

The two largest units in Orkla Care are Orkla Home & Personal Care, which has leading positions in personal care and cleaning products, and Orkla Health, which has leading positions in dietary supplements, sport nutrition and weight control. Orkla Care also holds leading positions in painting tools (Orkla House Care), wound care (Orkla Wound Care), basic garments (Pierre Robert Group) and professional cleaning (Lilleborg). Orkla Care’s well-known brands include Möller’s, Salvequick, Collett, Nutrilett, Riemann, Maxim, Define, Sunsilk, Blenda, Jif, Sun, Zalo, Jordan and Pierre Robert.