Strong launches from Orkla

In February store shelves will be filled with new products. More than 40 of them are from Orkla.


“This is a strong launch window for us. We are presenting innovations in some of our biggest, most important brands in every company,” says Arve Heltne, Senior Vice President, Commercial Excellence.

On Monday, 17 February grocery shoppers will discover a multitude of exciting new products from Orkla. Our new offerings will be found everywhere from frozen food counters, confectionery shelves to the laundry detergent section.

“Innovation is a key focus for Orkla, and we have new products in every category. This focus is clearly apparent in this year’s first launch window, where we are presenting 30 brand-new products and 11 relaunches,” says Heltne.

The new Grandiosa Helmaks pizza featuring crisp-baked cheese under the crust is a global sensation, and by far the biggest new offering from Orkla this time. A new range of Define products, two brand-new Polly products and a major relaunch of Fun Light cordials are other notable items, according to Arve Heltne.

“This time we have given priority to producing innovations for our biggest brands, which means there is greater potential. Orkla has a close insight into Norwegian tastes, and we know what people want. When we take many of Norwegians’ favourite products as our starting point and add something new, we create new products that Norwegians desire,” he says.

The following is a complete list of Orkla’s launches in Norway:

Grandiosa Helmax is a global innovation from Orkla Foods. Two new varieties of pizza featuring a crust with an underlying layer of crisp-baked cheese

Big One Grilled Steak is a pizza topped with juicy beef from Orkla Foods

Fun Light cordial with this year’s flavour Strawberry and Kiwi

Stabbur-Makrell tomato-basil mackerel

Sugar-free Idun Tomatketchup: a ketchup made with stevia

Persil is a new brand of delicately scented laundry detergent from Lilleborg

Define Keratin Repair is a new range of hair shampoos and conditioners from Lilleborg

Polly storplate, a big milk chocolate bar with salted peanuts from Polly

Laban Ville Jungeldyr and Laban Gale Gårdsdyr are two bags of fun foam and sweet jelly jungle and farm animals

Crispo milk chocolate biscuits are a crunchy new treat from Sætre

Smørbukk big bar, Smørbukk bar, Nidar Favoritter Smørbukk and a new design for Smørbukk Original will give a new lift to classic Smørbukk caramels

Nidar Sjokoladeegg are milk-filled chocolate eggs from Orkla Confectionery & Snacks Norge

Doc’ Ismint, a new ice mint flavour from Norway’s biggest brand of lozenges

KiMs Potetsticks potato straws are now available in a new salt-and-pepper flavour

Polly Naturligvis is a new unsalted mixture of fruit and nuts

Safari Minikjeks is a package of six mini-bags containing small Safari biscuits

Pierre Robert Shaping is a new collection of body-shaping underwear

Axellus is presenting several new Collett dietary supplements in an entirely new design

The Nutrilett range is being expanded to include the Nutrilett Protein Shape shake and bars

In addition, Orkla is relaunching the following products:

Fun Light cordial is being relaunched with a new design and several flavours in a family-size bottle

Stabburet Lasagne is back, now made with Norwegian beef and a new design

The JIF disposable wet mop is being relaunched to make cleaning floors even easier

Toro’s Jegergryte (packaged stew mix) will be available in an extra large portion with Nora lingonberries

The KiMs Potetchips family range of potato crisps is being relaunched in a more flavourful, crispier variety

Smash! and Crispo big chocolate bars are being relaunched with a new design

Pierre Robert Sports Underwear will now be available in an even better fit and with enhanced moisture-wicking capacity

Axellus’s entire Collett range is being relaunched with a new, matching design

Smørbukk Original caramels are being relaunched with a new design

KiMs American Ranch potato crisps will be available with a new design

KiMs Elias salty snacks for children will be available with a new design

SUN dishwasher detergent tablets are being relaunched