Teaching Swedish schoolchildren to recycle packaging

With a grant from the Orkla Friends Fund, Orkla Foods Sverige is contributing to a film campaign aimed at teaching Swedish schoolchildren to recycle packaging.


Orkla Friends Fund: Teaching Swedish schoolchildren to recycle packaging

For the past two years, Orkla Foods Sverige has teamed up with the Keep Sweden Tidy Foundation in efforts to keep the ocean clear of plastic and other litter. Through a joint campaign they now want to spread knowledge about recycling packaging among Swedish schoolchildren in the third to sixth grades.

“We at Orkla are committed to developing more environmentally friendly packaging, and to helping to ensure that the packaging from our products does not end up as plastic waste in the ocean. That’s why we’re very pleased that the Orkla Friends Fund can make a contribution to this excellent campaign,” says Arve Heltne, SVP Orkla Marketing & Innovation and in charge of the Orkla Friends Fund.

The campaign consists of educational material and a film for use in teaching. In the film, the Keep Sweden Tidy Foundation and Orkla Foods Sverige talk about how to recycle packaging from Abba and Felix products, which are some of the most commonly purchased foods in Sweden.

“Our contribution to combating littering is to do everything we can to promote a more circular flow for our own packaging and for litter in general. Our collaboration with the Keep Sweden Tidy Foundation will help to bring about changes for a cleaner Sweden and a cleaner marine environment, environment, which we can now do even better thanks to the contribution from the Orkla Friends Fund,” says Agneta Påander, CSR Director at Orkla Foods Sverige.

In earlier years, Orkla Foods Sverige and the Abba brand have supported the Keep Sweden Tidy Foundation by arranging beach clean-up and in-store campaigns. The campaigns are aimed at encouraging consumers to sort waste at source and use ecofriendly shopping bags to prevent marine littering. In 2018, in addition to the film campaign, Orkla Sverige will carry out a store campaign with focus on motivating Swedes to recycle packaging correctly.

”Thanks to our collaboration with Orkla Foods Sverige, we have both reached more Swedes and received resources to strengthen our ongoing activities to prevent littering. Through teaching programmes and discussions, we have also had the opportunity to reinforce Orkla Foods Sverige’s already strong focus on the environment. We look forward to all the exciting projects that have been launched in the organisation,” says Johanna Ragnartz, CEO of the Keep Sweden Tidy Foundation.

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