The Salvation Army and TORO form exciting partnership

They’re both famous for their soups. One of them for helping produce successful results in the kitchen, the other for helping people in need. The Norwegian Salvation Army and TORO are now teaming up. Under the banner “Soup to the People”, they will be spreading even more warmth and good soups to the Norwegian people.


For more than 125 years, the Salvation Army has distributed hot soup to anyone who needs it. Now its collaboration with the soup specialist TORO will be warming even more people, from the ordinary man in the street to those who need it most of all.

“We are delighted that TORO wishes to join forces with us in this way,” says Andrew Hannevik, The Norwegian Salvation Army’s information officer.

“This will be a broad, long-term partnership, ranging from regular deliveries of soup to collaboration on good ideas. Our goal is to be able to help even more needy people. We are still at the very start of our cooperation, so it’s a little early to go into all the details, but we have a lot of exciting ideas and are really looking forward to working together,” Hannevik says.

“For TORO this partnership is about giving something back to the community. The Salvation Army has always helped those who are most in need, and we want to support their efforts and be a partner in this fantastic work,” says Christian Mjaaseth, Marketing Director at Orkla Foods Norge.

About The Salvation Army: The Salvation Army is a distinctive, multi-faceted religious community that ministers to the whole person by offering soup, soap and salvation. That means, for example, that it works to fill hungry bellies, preserve individual dignity and tell about God’s love.

About TORO: It has been 70 years since TORO was first registered as a brand in 1946. Later that same year, the stock cube that revolutionised Norwegian cooking was launched. In 1959 TORO Grønnsaksuppe (vegetable soup) was introduced, Tomatsuppe (tomato soup) arrived in 1961, followed by TORO Bergensk Fiskesuppe (Bergen-style fish soup) in 1964.

Contact information:

The Salvation Army
Silje Schønning Geirdal, Communications Advisor Tel.: +47 902 60 655

Christian Mjaaseth, Marking Director, Orkla Foods Norge Tel.: +47 995 89 936