This spring’s innovations from Orkla

Store shelves are now being stocked with new products from Orkla.


BigOne is launching two new pizzas, and Norway’s most popular pizza is celebrating its 35th anniversary with a new meatless variety, Grandiosa 4xOst. A brand-new range of nuts from Polly and Idun Sjokosmell chocolate cake decorations that provide a burst of flavour are some of the other new products to be found on store shelves.

“The focus is on taste, and several of our favourite brands are now introducing exciting new flavours in May,” say Arve Heltne, Senior Vice President, Orkla Commercial Excellence.

This spring’s innovations include a range of sauce mixes from TORO that can be stirred into sour cream, two new Indian meal kits from TORO and new salad side dishes from Denja. On the biscuit shelves, the classic Gjende range now features biscuits in the shape of small figures and made without palm oil and from 51% whole grain.

“We strive to develop healthier products with less salt and saturated fat. Polly Ovnsristet roasted nuts are an example. The new range of tasty nuts is made without oil, and two of the product varieties, Nøttemiks mixed nuts and Nøttemiks Frukt mixed nuts and fruit, are totally salt-free,” Arve Heltne says.

Making life easier in the kitchen

An innovation from Jordan is another new product worth noting:

“Given the hectic pace of daily life, there is growing consumer demand for simple, quick and hygienic solutions to everyday problems. We are now launching Jordan Vaskerull, moist disposable wipes in a dispenser which are perfect for everyday clean-ups of kitchen surfaces,” says Nina Skalstad, Senior Brand Manager at Lilleborg.

“The dispenser comes in three colours, making it easy for everyone to find their favourite.”