TORO turns 70!

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the TORO brand. The TORO-adventure started in Bergen, Norway with the launch of beef stock cubes in 1946.


Since the product was based on imported beef extract, it was given the name TORO, the Spanish word for ox or bull and a short, memorable, easy-to-pronounce word in most languages.

The introduction of packet soups

1959 saw the launch of the company’s first instant soup – Grønnsakssuppe (vegetable broth). Tomatsuppen (tomato soup), a continuing bestseller, followed two years later. Bergensk Fiskesuppe (Bergen fish soup), the world’s first instant fish soup, came to market in 1964. Demand for the new product was so high that packaging ran out just a short time after launch, and new supplies had to be collected directly from Switzerland by airplane. Apparently there were long queues of cars outside TORO’s factory in Nøstegaten street in Bergen, waiting for new supplies of the popular fish soup.

A taste innovator

TORO began selling sauces in 1968, and launched some 10 different products over the first two years of production. For many people, TORO’s Béarnaise sauce is the standard by which all other Béarnaises are measured.

TORO has always sought to introduce consumers to new foods from across the world. In the early 1970s, the company introduced casserole products featuring Indian, Italian and Mexican flavours. The latter range continues to sell well.

TORO – the baker’s assistant

Although interest in gluten-free products has grown exponentially in recent years, TORO introduced its first gluten-free breads and cakes as early as 1980.

1988 saw the launch of TORO’s yellow Krumkaker (waffle cookie), Pannekaker (pancake) and Vafler (waffle) ready-mix packets in stores. The popular Sjokoladekaken (chocolate cake), which many recognise from children’s birthday parties, was launched in 1990.

Expanding into new areas

TORO launched its first refrigerated products – the Velbekomme (enjoy your meal) range – in 2007.

The latest addition to the TORO family is Fersk GrønnsaksPasta (fresh vegetable pasta), a pasta product with a 40% vegetable content.

TORO is constantly innovating, expanding into new areas and introducing new products. We look forward to seeing what the future holds.