TRUE – a new sports and energy drink from Orkla Health

With TRUE, Orkla Health enters a whole new category: sports and energy drinks. 


The product was conceived in Sweden, and the drink is now being launched via social channels in the Nordic countries.

TRUE is an entirely new line of sugar-free energy and sports drinks containing “the healthy protein”, BCAA. The drinks line comprises four different types, two of which contain natural caffeine from green coffee beans in addition to BCAA. TRUE comes in the flavours Blueberry & Acai, Strawberry & Goji, Citrus, and Pear & Lime. Common to all the variants is that the flavours and colours are completely natural.

“It all started by taking good consumer insight seriously. Health-conscious consumers want energy drinks with the healthy BCAA protein and a high caffeine content,” says Henriette Kummen, Brand Manager at Orkla Health. Now the drinks will be battling major players like Monster and Red Bull in a variety of channels, including grocery stores, health food outlets, gyms and online. So far the response has been positive.

Social media

TRUE is being introduced mainly through social channels such as Instagram and Facebook, and through bloggers. Many other people will discover TRUE through a wide-ranging ambassador programme, right where the drink’s target group is most active.

“The launch is hugely exciting for us – both the product itself, and the strong focus we’re putting on social media,” says Henriette.