Production trainee

The aim of the production trainee programme is to develop future managers in Orkla Foods Norway and Orkla, primarily in the fields of factory management, change management and product management. The trainee period is normally three years, and you will be stationed at several of Orkla Foods Norway’s factories and in one or more of the company’s central departments.

During the trainee period, you will work in a variety of positions so as to acquire the necessary skills to be able to hold a future management position in the Group.

You will be given tasks such as participating in, and eventually heading, innovation, logistics and change projects, as well as providing analytical support for solving day-to-day problems. Towards the end of the period, your tasks will entail more leadership responsibility. You will be assigned a coach for each period who will also be your line manager. The coach, in collaboration with the HR Department, will be responsible for overseeing your professional and personal development. We have a well-tested training programme and conduct regular planning and development interviews that are specially developed for trainees. The trainees in Orkla Foods Norway are an active community who exchange their experiences and support one another. Several gatherings are organised during the year, which are attended by former and new candidates.

Orkla Foods Norway has 13 production plants at locations in southern Norway: Arna, Voss, Stranda, Vigrestad, Kristiansand, Elverum, Brumunddal, Oslo, Rygge, Fredrikstad, Skien, Larvik and Sem. Mobility is a must for our future trainees.

You have the following qualifications:

  • Higher education, at master level
  • Ability to think strategically
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Ability to communicate with every part of the organisation
  • An interest in production, logistics and project management
  • Ambitions of becoming a manager
  • Speak a Nordic language

My three years as production trainee - Sebastian Helmfrid

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