Nutrition and wellness

We consider it important to help promote a good diet. Developing healthier food products is therefore high on the agenda at Orkla.

Our sustainability pledge

Orkla seeks to promote better public health by developing healthier products, using clearer labelling, adhering to responsible marketing practices and implementing measures to increase physical activity among the population.

Objectives for 2020

  • Develop products containing less salt, sugar and saturated fat
  • Launch concepts and innovations that promote a healthier life
  • Help to increase consumption of fish
  • Make it easier for consumers to choose healthy products
  • Avoid marketing to children

Results in 2016

  • 90 tonnes less salt
  • 640 tonnes less sugar
  • Approximately 370 tonnes less saturated fat
  • 37% growth in sales of products bearing the Green Keyhole healthy food label in Sweden
  • The number of Green Keyhole-labelled products doubled in Norway
  • The majority of our food products, biscuits, snacks and confectionery in the Nordic grocery market are now palm oil-free.

As a leading manufacturer of food and other grocery products, we at Orkla want to contribute to promoting a better diet. We know that seemingly small changes in the salt, sugar and fat content of the products that are eaten and drunk every day generate significant improvements in public health. We therefore collaborate actively with the public authorities and the food industry to make everyday food healthier. We have worked systematically to achieve this objective for several years. Our philosophy is that healthy food must taste good. That’s why we never compromise on taste when we reduce the percentage of salt, sugar and saturated fat in well-known popular favourites or when we develop new varieties of products.

We partner with several centres of expertise and research to gain new knowledge and learn more about the effects of food on the body. Like consumer insight, this know-how is important when we develop new products. We also look for healthier varieties of chocolate, confectionery and snacks, even though some products in these categories must be allowed to be exactly what they’re supposed to be, namely a source of enjoyment and delight. A healthy diet means maintaining a good balance between what you eat and how physically active you are on an everyday basis.

Good information is essential for making conscious choices in stores. That’s why we consider it important to make it easy for our customers and consumers to know what our products contain by providing clear, honest product information.

Read more about our work on nutrition and health in Orkla’s Sustainability Report.



UN’s sustainable development goals

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Healthier popular favourites

Developing healthier food products that contain less salt, sugar and saturated fat is high on Orkla’s agenda. Here you can read more about how we work to achieve this objective.

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Palm-oil free branded consumer goods

The vast majority of Orkla’s food products, biscuits, snacks and confectionery in the Nordic grocery market are now free of palm oil. We have worked to achieve this objective for several years by replacing palm oil with healthier alternatives.

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Anders Högberg

Manager Nutrition and Health

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