Healthier popular favourites

Developing healthier food products that contain less salt, sugar and saturated fat is high on Orkla’s agenda. Here you can read more about how we work to achieve this objective.

In several countries the population’s intake of salt, sugar and saturated fat is far higher than recommended by health authorities. This can result in serious health challenges and poorer quality of life. Healthy eating and daily physical activity reduce the risk of lifestyle diseases. In a public health perspective, small changes in the daily diet of a large number of people have a greater impact than big changes for individuals. That’s why we at Orkla work actively to make our most popular products healthier.

In 2016, along with customers in the grocery industry and other food and drink manufacturers, we signed a partnership agreement with the Norwegian health authorities. Our collective aim is to make grocery products healthier. Though this agreement we have committed to concrete targets for reducing salt, added sugar and fat in food and drink. Developing new products that make it easier for consumers to make healthy choices and increasing awareness of health and dietary issues are also an important part of Orkla’s efforts to improve public health.

Results 2017

  • 80 tonnes less salt
    Less salt in pizzas, ready-to-eat meals, biscuits and ketchup.
  • 1040 tonnes less sugar
    Less sugar in bread toppings, between-meal smoothies, jams and ketchup.
    Cordials, throat lozenges, between-meal snacks, jams and breakfast cereals with no added sugar.
  • 960 tonnes less saturated fat
    Less saturated fat in soups, stocks, ready-to-eat meals and crisps.