Organisation of Orkla’s corporate responsibility work

Responsibility for drawing up and revising the Group’s Code of Practice lies with Orkla’s Corporate Governance Unit, which reports to Orkla’s President and CEO. This unit has a corporate responsibility function, which coordinates activities at Group level and supports the work of the individual companies.

In line with Orkla’s decentralised organisational structure, each company has an independent responsibility for establishing goals, plans and procedures for exercising corporate responsibility within the constraints of the Group’s standards and guidelines. The Rules of Procedure for the boards of directors of the companies that are owned directly by Orkla contain requirements regarding annual internal reporting on the status of the companies’ corporate responsibility activities. Issues related to ethics and corporate responsibility are addressed in the Group’s internal risk management procedures and the due diligence assessments that are carried out in connection with acquisitions. Annual internal activity reports are prepared in connection with Orkla’s external sustainability reporting. The Group also has procedures for monthly internal EHS reporting.

Orkla’s internal audit function carries out regular audits of all the companies in the Group. Ethics and corporate responsibility are among the topics addressed in these audits.

Orkla’s Corporate Responsibility Council is an advisory body established to support the Group Executive Board in matters relating to ethics and corporate responsibility. The Council is headed by the Senior Vice President, Corporate Governance and consists of representatives of the management of the business areas and key staff units.