The Orkla Friends Fund

The Orkla Friends Fund was lauched the summer of 2015 along with Orkla’s vision “Your friend in everyday life”. Orkla’s companies will designate a charitable cause to receive NOK 100,000 from Orkla.

The Orkla Friends Fund was conceived as a way of fulfilling Orkla’s new vision “Your friend in everyday life”. In the new Orkla compass, a fifth pillar, “Society”, has been added to the strategic pillars, and the Orkla Friends Fund is also an example of this commitment.

The award will primarily be made within the category “Nutrition and Health”, but “Corporate Responsibility” will be an alternative. Orkla’s companies will have the honour of designating a fortunate recipient of NOK 100,000 from the Orkla Friends Fund. The criteria are that no political causes are to be sponsored, nor must Orkla be seen to be taking sides in any matter of a political nature. Nor must the grant result in any inappropriate ties between the company and the recipient.

“We are encouraging companies to choose a recipient for whom the Orkla Friends Fund grant will make a difference, such as a local cause that will receive a significant boost from NOK 100,000. We hope and believe that the Orkla Friends Fund will be a welcome addition, both for our companies who will have the pleasure of giving and for the recipients who will receive a nice surprise from Orkla,” says Orkla President and CEO Peter A. Ruzicka.

About the Orkla Friends Fund:

  • Started in September 2015
  • Every month, a different Orkla company will designate a charitable cause that will receive NOK 100,000
  • The grant will primarily be awarded within the category of “Nutrition and Health”, with “Corporate Responsibility” as an alternative
  • Companies should strive to find a recipient for whom the grant of NOK 100,000 will make a difference
  • The grant must not be awarded to a political cause, and Orkla must not be seen as taking sides in a matter of a political or controversial nature
  • There must be no inappropriate ties between the donor company and the recipient

Below are articles about all the Orkla Friends Fund grants.