Toro supports the Salvation Army

Through the Orkla Friends Fund, TORO is donating NOK 100,000 to the Salvation Army.

The funds are to be earmarked for cinema tickets for children all over Norway.

The partnership between the Salvation Army and TORO was established this winter, with the aim of distributing even more good, hot soups to the Norwegian people.

“This will give many children throughout Norway a chance to go see a movie, which is something a lot of families can’t afford today. We want to provide an enjoyable experience for those for whom everyday life is difficult and who need it most,” says Andrew Hannevik, Head of PR and Fundraising, The Salvation Army, Norway.

“We wanted to grant earmarked funds for a clearly defined project. The Soup-to-the People collaboration between the Salvation Army and TORO has long-term ambitions as a “friendship project”, and is a good illustration of Orkla’s vision “Your Friend in Everyday Life”. We hope that the contribution from the Orkla Friends Fund will reinforce this collaboration,” says Communications Director Dag Olav Stokken.

The Orkla Friends Fund:

The Orkla Friends Fund was introduced in connection with the launch of Orkla’s vision «Your Friend in Everyday Life». Since September of last year, various Orkla companies have donated NOK 100,000 from the Orkla Friends Fund to a charitable cause. The grants have primarily been made in the category “Nutrition and Health”, with “Corporate Responsibility” as an alternativ