Committed to preventing deforestation

We want to help protect the rainforest and combat climate changes. In 2015 Orkla therefore adopted a zero deforestation policy.

Rainforest - Borneo
Rainforest - Borneo

Deforestation accounts for 10-15% of global greenhouse gas emissions. By actively engaging in our own supply chains, Orkla can make an important difference. In 2015 we adopted a policy to promote zero deforestation. Our goal is to ensure that all important agricultural products and packaging used by the Group is sustainably produced – without causing deforestation – by 2020. Orkla’s zero deforestation policy provides specific requirements for raw material production, including no clearance of rainforest, no cultivation of peatland, no use of fire as a method of clearing land, and respect for the rights and interests of indigenous people and local communities. When assessing which forests should be preserved, account must be taken of both biological diversity and carbon binding.

We engage closely with our key suppliers to support them in finding measures adapted to the challenges and possibilities in each raw material chain. In particular, we have taken steps to reduce the risk of deforestation in connection with production of palm oil, cocoa, soya, cardboard and paper. Orkla has signed the New York Declaration on Forests and report the progress of our work through the CDP. In 2016, Orkla’s deforestation engagement received a high score in “Forest 500”, an assessment made by The Global Canopy Programme.

We have signed the New York Declaration on Forests and we report to CDP. You can find all of Orkla’s reports on