Good raw materials from the ocean

Orkla wants to ensure that the raw materials we use in our fish products are sustainably fished. We therefore work with global environmental programmes to protect the ocean.

Several of our companies make products that originate in the ocean. Our well-known brands include Stabbur-Makrell mackerel, Möller’s Tran cod liver oil, Abba tuna and Kalles Kaviar cod roe products. We have long been engaged in initiatives to protect the marine environment. One of our partners is the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), a global environmental certification body for fish from the world’s oceans. By ensuring that our products meet the standards for MSC certification, we help to promote sustainable fishing and make it easy for consumers to make good environmental choices. The MSC label means that every part of the food chain is certified. The fish ingredients that we use in the product come from an environmentally-labelled stock that has been fished from a certified vessel and processed in a way that is not harmful to the environment.

At Orkla we have our own central team for marine raw materials who assists companies in developing plans to promote sustainable fishing. The team buys certified raw materials, carries out fish stock assessments and monitors our suppliers.