Safe products

We take top quality and safe food seriously at Orkla. That’s why we apply the same strict quality standards in every country in which we manufacture or sell our products.

Our sustainability pledge

Be prepared to solve emerging safety risks

Main goals up to 2020

In 2014, Orkla set the following goals for its food safety work up to 2020:

  • Ensure that all factories meet the requirements of the Orkla Food Safety Standard.
  • Ensure a strong food safety culture in all Orkla companies and factories.
  • Ensure that all suppliers comply with Orkla’s stringent food safety requirements.
  • Intensify our efforts to ensure safe, healthy raw materials in every part of our value chain by working closely with farmers and adopting effective traceability systems.
  • Collaborate with external centres of expertise to be able to deal with emerging safety risks in our value chain even more effectively.

In 2017, we set new goals for our work to ensure safe products up to 2025. The goal of a stable, high level of food safety in all food companies has been maintained, and clearly defined targets have been established for the companies that manufacture other types of products. This work supports the achievement of the UN global Sustainable Development Goals SDG 12 and SDG 17.

Orkla’s 2025 sustainability targets

  • 100% of our food producing factories meet the requirements of the Orkla Food Safety Standard
  • 100% approved suppliers
  • All products are safe to use

Orkla Food Ingredients

Safe products

Our customers and consumers are increasingly interested in knowing what they are eating, where the food comes from and how it is made. We consider it a basic prerequisite that the food is safe. Therefore we work every single day to ensure safe food at every stage of the value chain, from the production of raw materials up until the product reaches store shelves. Our ambition is to match the best companies in the world when it comes to food safety.

Through our own Orkla Food Safety Standard (OFSS) we set stringent requirements for the way raw materials are cultivated, produced and transported. In the manufacturing process where raw materials are transformed into finished products, we prepare food using controlled procedures, at the right temperature and in accordance with strict quality assurance standards, right up until the end product makes its way to store shelves. The OFSS ensures that the same high level of food safety is maintained at all Orkla factories, from the chips production plant at Toten and the Grandiosa pizza factory at Stranda in Norway to the vegetarian company MTR Foods, which makes ready-to-eat dishes and spices in Bangalore, India.

A question of trust

The same is the case when we develop and manufacture well-being products, detergents, cleaning products, painting tools and textiles. We apply strict product safety guidelines throughout our value chain to ensure that the ingredients we use, the packaging and the product itself are safe to use. Our consumer safety work is based on the precautionary principle. This means that we keep up with current research and continuously focus on further developing and improving our products with health and the environment in mind. Top quality and safety are a paramount priority for all our brands.

Read more about our work to ensure food and product safety in Orkla’s Sustainability Report


UN’s sustainable development goals

Our food safety work supports the UN global Sustainable Development Goals.

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The Orkla Food Safety Standard

The Orkla Food Safety Standard (OFSS) forms the basis for food safety work at Orkla, and ensures a high uniform level of quality at all the Group’s production facilities.

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Orkla’s Policy on GMOs

Orkla companies use only raw materials and ingredients that are based on traditional production methods in which the plant or animal has been developed and bred without the use of modern gene technology.

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Monitoring Orkla's suppliers

Orkla’s Group-wide supplier approval and monitoring system ensures that the Group companies have the necessary tools and guidelines for carrying out risk assessments, and approving and following up on suppliers of raw materials, packaging and finished goods manufactured under contract.

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Monitoring Orkla's suppliers


Terje Solbakken

Director Food Safety & Consumer Confidence

+47 928 96 747